Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Scoop? Sonia Flies To Broadway?

I haven't heard anything about this, though I am sure many people in Boston already know, but I did stumble across this website:

Sonia Flew On Broadway

The contact is Randall Wreghitt, who is a well-known Broadway Producer.

Big News for Boston Theatre if this is true. A homegrown product makes it to the Great White Way, with a straight play.

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Art said...

Hi All,

The following is from reader who tried to post to the comments section, but simply couldn't after many tries. (Please e-mail me and let me know if you have this problem. My comments section is open to all.)

It's great news that Melinda's play is making it to Broadway.

But I'd like to point out that lately several Boston theater artists have had their plays or productions move to New York.

Firstly, Rick Lombardo's New Rep production of Bill W and Doctor Bob has played New World Stages since March. The entire production team was kept intact in themove from Boston to New York.

Additionally, John Kuntz' award-winning Jump/Rope is currently in previews at Urban Stages including Johnny and Bill Mootis.

John Kuntz' Star Fuckers was presented at the Ohio Theater in SoHo, a few yearsback.

Of course, Actor Shakespeare's Company's production of King Lear played the historic La MaMa in the East Village.

I'm not even including all the Boston folks who performed in the NYC Fringe Festival over the years.

Also Ronan Noone's wonderful Irish play The Blowin, played New York.

Finally, back in 1991, Gip Hoppe's Jackie: An American Life made the
transferfrom the Hasty Pudding, to the Wilbur Theater, to Broadway, and then Germany. Gip is a playwright and co-artistic director of WHAT in Wellfleet.

So, although not all these plays made it to the supposed ultimate goal of "the great white way," plenty of Boston's theater artists have paved their own way toNew York's stages.

Kudos to our community.

It is however, good news that Broadway might actually produce an
originalstraight play by a relatively unknown playwright. Mauritus is going to MTC somaybe there's hope yet on the great white way.I can't help but feel grateful to the Huntington for nurturing/producing Melinda and other Boston playwrights (Noone as well). That has certainly been, in my opinion, one of Mr. Martin's greatest contributions to Boston Theater.

I hope it continues.