Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Old Versus New II

Geoff Edgers points us to negative review of the new ICA building. The reviewer, from Metropolis magazine, says the following:

"It's clear from the first glance at that poorly detailed, almost
accidental rear facade that the experience of tourists on tour boats and the views of residents of gentrifying East Boston on the opposite short have been privileged over those of future neighbors and those actually entering the thing. But the grand gesture to the sea looks great in pictures, and that serves architects and critics (and their photo editors) alike."

To give our own own Thomas Garvey at Hubreview his credit, he said virtually the same thing in his review of the ICA on its opening:

Like City Hall, the new ICA is a cold thing of concrete, steel and glass – far more glass than concrete or steel this time around, of course; still, the structural echo is apparent, even at first glance: both buildings lift their main functions onto platforms, and thus while projecting an image of openness, actually feel sealed and impregnable; both are more or less indifferent to the street (the ICA even turns its back on its main approach);

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Thomas Garvey said...

Thanks for the nod, Art, although it will be a looong time, trust me, before Geoff Edgers ever links to the Hub Review! There's probably a little essay to be written about the tendency of dead-tree-media "blogs" (are they truly blogs at all?) to only link UP the media food chain, and to dote on mere publicity rather than analysis. But even beyond those flaws endemic to Edgers' genre, there's the problem that I'm an ex-Globe stringer who regularly savages them in print. For this, they must pretend I don't exist; I'm like one of those revolutionaries air-brushed out of Stalin's group portraits. But trust me, oblivion never felt so good!