Monday, May 14, 2007

Cliche, Get Thee Gone!

Nick at Rat Sass is talking about Critics, with lots of great links to UK articles.

While we are talking about critics, and still hand-wringing about the demise of print arts journalism, I would like to make a modest proposal:

When reviewing productions of Hamlet, could print critics, bloggers, etc., please refrain from using the headline that plays on the phrase, "Get thee to a nunnery?"

As an example, the recent LA Times review of a Production of Hamlet in Los Angeles trumpets, "Get thee to Hamlet." Though, the headline often will make a play on the theatre that the production is in, as in, "Get thee to the Huntington!"

Being a producer, I know that such a pull-quotable phrase is a dream for the ads. However, out of the huge text of the Bard's most famous work, can't we do better than this?

Can people suggest some? (By the way, they can be for good or bad productions.) I'll get it started.

"Bound in Postmodernism, This Prince is Still King!"

"Alas, Poor Shakespeare. They Slew Him, Horatio!"


"Slough Your Mortal Coil, The Rep's Prince is All Soul!"


"Rep Players, Well Bestowed"

"What a Noble Play is Here O'thrown."

"Bard Production Suits Action to Words, Words to Action!"

"This Hunky Prince Uses a Miraculous Organ."

"Oh Woe Is Me, To Have Seen What I Have Seen."

"At Rep's Hamlet, Words Without Thought."

"Rep Cast Makes Hamlet a Rhaposody of Words!"

"A Hamlet of Shreds and Patches"

"Splenitive and Rash, Rep's Prince Proves Dangerous!"

"This Dane's More of An Antique."

"Rep's Prince Proves Most Royally"

(By the way, I guess I should chastise myself for employing an oft-used Swiftian cliche in my post.)


gaby said...

Thanks, YS. As a producer/actor of an upcomning production I second that emotion. (Ok, how 'bout, "To See or Not to See")

Thomas Garvey said...

Hmmm. The blogger doth protest too much, methinks.

YS said...

I resemble that remark!

Scott Walters said...

The Play is NOT the Thing