Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back from Vacation

Back from a week vacation in Westport, MA, hiking on Mass Audobon Trails, and Trustees Properties. And laying back on Horseneck Beach.

Mostly catching up on the day job, almost there, but thought I would take a break and give a shout out.

Matt at Theatre Conversation has called it quits for the theatre blogosphere. I e-mailed him and he gave me a nice message back about the decision. I'll miss him. See ya, Matt.

Scott Walters is doing a fine job in his continuing quest to crystallize his thoughts about theatre and class. Start here, with his interview on Theatre is Territory. (Be sure to read the comments.) Then move on to Scott's own site for his follow ups and clarifying thoughts, starting with Centralization and then move on to Risk.

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Scott Walters said...

Welcome back! I hope your vacation was rejuvenating. I look forward to future posts. And thanks for the compliment on my interview. I'm trying!