Monday, May 14, 2007

At last you got him, there he swings,
Above the howling people-kings.
At last ye got him; he outstood
In innocence and hardihood
The servile court, the madman's knife,
The wreck of name and home and wife,
Still trusting God would see him through.
At last ye got him in the night,
Sick, Wounded, Worn and strangely white-
Your burgher, Leo Frank, the Jew.

Ye hanged him on the gallow-tree,
He'll hang for all the years to be;
Ye nor your children shall have power,
To take him down a single hour;
Nor wind, nor rain, nor bird of prey,
Shall eat that awful form away.
Nor God once veil it from your view:
Tis no human head and limb-
Ye hanged God's Justice, hanging him,
Your burgher, Leo Frank, the Jew.

"Leo Frank" by William Ellery Leonard

Speakeasy Stage Company's production of Parade runs through the next couple of weeks and it is truly a spectacle, as far as Boston's midsized theaters go. It has an extremely large cast and, most important of all, a very ambitious concept.

I remember in my youth watching a television mini-series The Murder of Mary Phagan, and the haunting story of what happened to Leo Frank has stayed with me all of these years.

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