Sunday, April 15, 2007

Turning Around An Old Ship

In the Globe Today, Kevin Cullen talks to Director Mac McConghail about his task of saving and revitalizing the historic Abbey Theatre.

One of his key initiatives is a possible temporary ban on revivals. Another is directly related to development of new work:

Mac Conghail says his predecessors got in trouble by not knowing how or when to say no. He has lengthened the incubation period for new work to two to three years, saying too many productions had gone on too soon. With experience producing on Broadway, and in-laws in Boston, he wants to tour. But he said the company couldn't afford it during his first two years. He said he hopes to bring the Abbey to New York next fall, and to Boston in 2008.

Mac Conghail is also reaching out to Sam Shephard and Conor McPhereson. And, of course, the 33 million from the government doesn't hurt either.

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