Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The State of Affairs

After several e-mails this morning, (along with an inquiry from a co-worker who knows I am a playwright,) asking me if I had read "the plays," it didn't take me long to realize they weren't concerned with the recent Pulitzer Prize contenders.

No, "the plays" refers to two of the posted plays which were written by the killer in the horrible Virgina Tech Massacre.

Judging from the inquiries I have received (and the fact that Opie and Anthony were doing a dramatized reading of Cho's play Richard McBeef this morning on their radio show,) I think it is safe to say that more people in this country will read the script pages of Cho's two plays than will ever read the text of, or even see a production of, Rabbit Hole, (though David Cote points out on Histriomastix that there is a movie in the works.)

Sadder still, it may be the only play they read or see in their adult life.

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