Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Norco High School Apologizes

Geoff Edgers sent me an e-mail. He has contacted the High School's principal, and you can read the explanation here at his blog The Exhibitionist.

Basically, the school apologizes for the water pouring, but doesn't apologize for leaving.

My Opinion: That is exactly as it should be.

And it seems all parties, (the ART and Daisey,) are satisfied with that. Although, out of curiosity, I would like to know more about the adult chaperone who dumped the water. Why did he do it? And does he apologize for it? But something tells me we aren't going to get those answers.

As I mentioned on a comment in previous post, somebody on Playgoer's blog brought up the Zero Arrow space and how it kind of exacerbated the situation.

At Invincible Summer, the audience has no choice when leaving, but to go down to the front and cross right in front of Mike Daisey's table. And he does sit very close to the audience. If the audience could have escaped out the back or the side exits, the punk wouldn't have been close enough to pour the water, and the video would not have been half, (or even a quarter,) as compelling.

The principal's account is interesting in that it tells us that the "turn off your cell phone" message was really crass and, based on this, the group thought this might not be the show for them. (I can vouch that the message does included a couple of profanities.)

After the cell phone announcement, the group claims, they asked the house manager if the show could hold up for second and they could leave. The show went on anyway. Theatres should learn, that nothing can keep an audience that really wants to leave.

True Story: I remember attending one show at small theatre here in town and, At intermission, about 8 people started putting on their coats and leaving. The Artistic Director helpfully went up to them to explain that there is a second act.

One of the fleeing patrons said, as he headed for the door, "I know."

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