Monday, April 23, 2007

Mike Daisey - "Invincible" Civility

During Mike Daisey's monologue, Invincible Summer, he weaves in details about the New York City Subway system, including the details of his discovery of it upon his first moving there, as well as details of its original construction and current plans for expansion.

During a description of what it is like riding the hot, crowded subway, Daisey says the following, (very paraphrased by me, I wish I had the exact quote.)

"Sometimes, your mindframe while riding on the subway is, I want to f***ing shiv somebody. That's what I am thinking while crammed in next to everyone. Shiv. Shiv. Shiv. (Daisey mimes stabbing out among the other passengers.) But I don't do that. Nobody does that. Everybody rides the subway. We allow for space, we give the other space for their existence. And me, that is civilization."

I thought it especially poignant for reasons apparent to anybody reading the blogosphere regarding the walkout and vandalism Daisey experienced last week.

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