Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Healey Rejected At American Repertory Theatre

Mark Armstrong at Mr. Excitement News has been providing indispensable coordination of the news coming out of Florida about the cancellation of My Name Is Rachel Corrie.

Closer to home, Kerry Healey, who lost our last gubernatorial election to Deval Patrick, has been refused admission to the Advisory Board of the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge.

The reason, according to the information in the Boston Globe, is that there are Board Members who have a real problem with Healey's television ad her campaign ran last year.

"During the board's 2 1/2-hour meeting last month, members specifically mentioned a controversial television ad aired by the Healey campaign that linked Patrick and Benjamin LaGuer, who has professed his innocence since his 1984 rape conviction and has corresponded with Patrick over the years.

Some called the ad racist because it played upon a stereotype of black men as sexual predators. The ad, in which a woman walked alone in a parking garage, was widely criticized during the campaign, and Healey's running mate, Reed Hillman, distanced himself from the spot."

You can see the famous ad at Youtube here.

Executive Director Bob Orchard seems to be upset.

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