Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Boston Roundup

Mike Daisey's Final Weekend of Performing Invincible Summer at the Zero Arrow Space is this weekend.

Also, at the ART Blog check out Lewis D. Wheeler's post about being directed by his father, the great David Wheeler, for the upcoming No Man's Land. (As a side note, David Wheeler was my directing teacher.)

Sarah Ruhl's The Clean House opens at Trinity Rep this weekend and Catherine Foster of the Globe has the hype piece.

The critics are loosed on the World Premiere of Surviving the Nian at the BCA this week and you can see their takes here, here, here, here, and here.

Confessions of a Mormon Boy, which isn't about our ex-Governor's presidential campaign, opens at Boston Theaterworks and gets some preshow ink in the Globe and at the Edge.

Nora Theatre has opened their Buried Child, but I have only seen one review.

Zeitgeist's Valhalla has almost universal positive notices, and I have heard nothing but good things from everybody I have talked to, including my wife, who saw the show opening weekend. My guess is that if you want to take it in, get on the horn now and get tickets. The space is not that big and with the tide behind it I wouldn't wait till the last weekend.

Jenna Scherer of the Weekly Dig has a good time partying with the "affable assholes" who populate the world of Melissa James Gibson's (sic) at the Devanaughn Theatre. And Bay Windows liked the show too.

For the more off-beat, check out The Ego and the Oracle, opening at Jimmy Tingle's this weekend.


This suggestion comes courtesy of NY Blogger George Hunka. If you want to take the drive to Rhode Island, Perishable Theatre is hosting Theatre of a Two Headed Calf and their world premiere production of Drum of the Waves of Horikowa. The performance is described as, "an 18th-Century Kabuki play set in the wilds of 1970's punk rock!"

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