Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Boston Roundup:

Noah Haidle's Persephone begins to get reviews: Louise Kennedy's Globe Review and Will Stackman's Quick Take are up. Local Playwright and Actress Melinda Lopez of Sonia Flew fame is receiving kudos for her role as a the statue.

Larry Stark posts an anonymous letter, and comments, about the IRNE awards and fringe theatre. While the Eliot Norton Nominees are released this week.

Thomas Garvey at Hubreview explains his recent delinquence in posting: He is dramaturg for Zeitgeist's production of Paul Rudnick's Valhalla opening this weekend at the BCA.

Surviving the Nian, opening at Theatre Offensive this weekend, gets the full feature treatment from Terry Byrne in the Globe, and Iris Fanger in the Phoenix.

Edge Boston has a feature on the Kiki and Herb press conference.

Bay Windows posts an Invincible Summer Review, with an interesting analysis.

Small Shows Closing this Weekend that you may want to catch:

Conquest of the South Pole at Charlestown Working Theatre has garnered pretty much universal praise. (I haven't and won't get a chance to see it.)

Brian Friel's Dancing at Lughnasa at the BCA is a lovely production of what is considered by some to be one of the finest memory plays ever written. The work of the ensemble is impressive. FULL DISCLOSURE: I know some of the people in the cast and rented space to them during their rehearsal period. (They were one of the disrupted companies during the MIT Crackdown.)

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