Monday, April 23, 2007

Downtown Comes to Beantown

Last week I posted about a bunch of new and newer plays that were opening. I have seen two of them, and, interestingly enough, they both represent a kind of Manhattan-hipster sensibility, along with a very specific focus on language.

(sic) by Melissa James Gibson, (currently playing at the Devanaughn, my wife is in the cast,) and The Flu Season by Will Eno, (being presented by Whistler in the Dark) are both challenging plays and not exactly straightforward in narrative. In fact, the very concepts of story and composition are openly thwarted at every turn and even explicitly called into question by either the dialogue or the playwright himself, (in the case of The Flu Season,) speaking through a narrator.

Both playwrights are very focused on what is said rather than what happens or doesn't happen, but this is not a simple case of tell versus show. However, there are distinct problems with this hyper verbosity. I hope to post more about this later, but just wanted to let people know that if you are one of those who are always wanting more of the "downtown" sensibility, this is your chance to check it out.

I also checked out Mike Daisey's piece Invincible Summer. Which reminds me, Mike Daisey will be participating with Andy Borowitz in The Moth, at the Calderwood Pavillion tonight.

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