Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April is a Good Time to See New and Newer Work

For those interested in new work, and the current hot playwrights, get out to a theater some time this month.

The next month looks to provide some local productions of newer or new plays that are of note, (Even three world premieres!) I am going to try, but probably won't make it to all of them. I would be interested as to what people think.

Trinity Rep - The Clean House by Sarah Ruhl (Pulitzer Finalist Play, Ruhl got a MaCarthur Genius Grant.)

Whistler in the The Dark - The Flu Season by Will Eno (Eno wrote Thom Pain, a Pulitzer Finalist.)

Theatre Offensive - Surviving the Nian by Melissa Lee and Abe Rybeck (This play is a World Premiere, that just won the Jonathan Larson Award before it even opened.)

Huntington Theatre Company - Persephone by Noah Haidle. (Haidle is a red hot playwright right now, receiving premieres all over the country. As a side note: local playwright Melinda Lopez is in the cast.)

Devanaughn Theatre - (sic) by Melissa James Gibson. This play was received very well in New York back in 2000 or so, but the playwright, I don't think, has received a production here in Boston yet. (FULL DISCLOSURE - My wife is in the cast.)

Up You Mighty Race - 402 Edgecombe Avenue; The House on Sugar Hill by Katherine Butler Jones. (World Premiere.)

That should keep you busy enough, but I could be missing some.

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