Thursday, March 01, 2007

"Thanks for the the Rehearse-for-frees"

The Weekly Dig has uncovered a little more about the MIT crackdown on local theatre companies using 50 Vassar Street as a squatters rehearsal hall.

Still unknown to everybody, at least those who I have spoken to, is the identity of the group who literally ruined a great thing.

The article ends on a semi-positive note:

MIT spokeswoman Patti Richards says that while the university scheduling office works mainly with officially sponsored groups and events, the university sometimes lends space to local community groups.

“It might be that had they let the powers that be know about it, there might have been some arrangement made,” she says. “I think we’d be sympathetic if a request came through some official channel.”

Notice how carefully the words are placed in the last paragraph. Ms. Richards is nice to suggest this, but my direct experience with these types of things, (and I am not talking about MIT specifically,) is that while they are "sympathetic," they are also very clear: No. And understandably, as there are issues of liability, insurances, etc.

Glad to see the Way Players are mentioned. They are a talented group of fun people and we gave them use of our tiny space as a stop-gap till they found someplace where they could simulate their actual stage size.

(As a side note, in case anybody at the Dig reads this... Why does the Weekly Dig take so long to load pages?)


Anonymous said...

Lissa Harris of the Dig here--too true, our website's got more issues than the Encyclopedia Brittanica. Thanks for your patience, and look for serious improvement on that front in the not-too-distant future.

YS said...

Thanks for the response Lissa.