Friday, March 23, 2007

Reading Tomorrow

Tomorrow, if you are free, I would like to invite you to drop in to see the reading of a new full length I am working on. It is at the Footlight Club in Jamaica Plain at 2:00PM. It is free.

This is a new series of readings the Boston Playwrights Network is doing. They are trying to concentrate on helping writers in the developmental phase of writing a full length play. Here is a page with more info.

I am going first:

AMAZONOMACHY, by Art Hennessey
Directed by Jonathon Myers

Salesman Darren is settling into marriage with his performance artist wife. But the United States seems to have other plans, along with orders to report to FortBragg. As their secrets and memories invade their dreams and their apartment, it is clear that the honeymoon is over, and their future, like it or not, is beginning.

Playwright Bio:
Art Hennessey is a Co-Artistic Director of Essayons Theatre Company and he is a playwright, actor and director in Boston. His play I Go Solo was nominated by the Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE) for Best New Play in 2003, and Art was also part of the playwriting team for Europhochylus, MA which was also nominated for an IRNE for Best New Play in 2004.

Brett Cramp
Amanda Good Hennessey
Ben Lambert
Frank MacDonald
Floyd Richardson
Irina Salimov
Mary Ann Trulli

It has been a great experience working with Jon Myers and rehearsing the reading with this great cast. I have been able to make changes and also map out some larger questions.

The feedback I get on Saturday should help me even more.


Novel said...

My apologies that I missed it. Hope you got what you were looking for.

YS said...

Thanks Novel,

It went great. I will hopefully be posting about it this week, but I am pretty busy with the day job at this time.