Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Do Critics Know What's At Steak?

As George Hunka and Scott Walters trade a few quotes about Comedy and Tragedy, I was wondering how often critics could possibly confuse the two and end up rendering a judgement that could mislead reviewers. If they do, they better be careful!

From the food world comes the story of a restaraunt critic named LaBan, who wrote about a "miserably tough and fatty strip steak," he had at a restaraunt named Chops. It seems like a pretty normal thing for a reviewer to point out. But there's more, (from the Philly Inquirer:)

That's right, there is a libel suit pending in court about the matter. There is at least a ten minute play that could be made out of such a litigious situation.


George said...

Never mind a ten-minute play; this could have profound repercussions, deserving of a courtroom drama of near-epic proportions. I come from Philadelphia, and believe you me: they take their cheesesteaks SERIOUSLY.

YS said...

Yes. And if large nes media conglomerates involved it could rival the generations-old lawsuit in Dicken's Bleak House!