Sunday, March 04, 2007

Did You Send Me that Egg-cel Spreadsheet?!

I got to work with my wife and some friends of ours on a commercial a couple of days ago.

You know, just your average commercial about people in an office and...oh yeah...there was something a little different about us.

That's my wife getting made up on the right.

And on the left here, I am getting some last minute ear adjustments by Erik Rodenhiser, the mastermind of the commercial and the owner of The Griffen Theater in Salem, MA.

And at right, I am in full corporate dress with a co-worker at Rabbit Central.

Ahh the life of an actor! I had a great time and the commercial should be pretty enjoyable. Everybody was fun to work with and I was happy with how I did. I am usually pretty confident on stage, but on film I am usually a little more self-aware.

I felt fine though and wasn't distracted by the bright lights, hot rabbit suit, and trying to type with huge rabbit mittens on. And I got to work with my favorite bunny! For what more could I ask?


Novel said...

Do I dare ask what product this was for?


Now I have something NEW for the "GUESS WHO'S WHO" space for my Website