Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Correction and Apology

In a post on the decreasing of the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company's schedule, I mentioned the salary of Josiah Spaulding. I got that information from the 2005 Tax Returns for the Wang Center.

I also classified his salary as "ever increasing. "

I have since received information that Mr. Spaulding has taken a significant pay cut.

I have added this correction to the original post. And I apologize to Mr. Spaulding.

And after I just made a big deal about making bold statements. Uhg. Egg removal from my face will commence now.

By the way, my challenge still stands: Donate to Commonwealth Shakespeare, now. We have relatively few major theatrical events in this town. This does not have to do with whether or not you always like the productions, (I don't,) this has to do with a major theatre event, with a high level of technical proficiency to which hundreds of thousands of people come over the years, many of them non-theatregoers.

I know people who never go to theatre, but who bring the kids to the common for the show every year. There is an importance to this and it is generational.

Just give em' ten dollars if you can.

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