Friday, February 02, 2007

Seating Prices - Ever To Excel !

Kevin Spacey's salary is expanding the prime seating for Moon for the Misbegotten on Broadway. In a recent New York Times article a producer basically admits that unless you are a friend of the star, or a member of the press, "we have basically priced you out of the theatre."

In a previous life I was on the football team at Boston College, and I still have season tickets with both my dad and my brother. Going to a game at Alumni Stadium is one of the best deals for live sports in Boston today. You get to see Division One Football, in a great stadium, for a relatively affordable price.

Now that the team has ascended into the great levels of the ACC, resulting in some of the more exciting seasons I have witnessed, it appears they need to start living a little more large. They are upgrading their facilities and their modes of travel. But, disturbingly, this seems to mean that they are going to need to trade-up their fans as well.

Yes, prime seating has come to Alumni Stadium with a vengeance. According to a recent Boston Herald article, the fans currently holding prime seats will need to make at least a $1000.00 donation per ticket to keep their seats. People are understandably livid, some people have held season tickets for decades, year in and year out, through good seasons or bad, and now they may be subjected to ultimate humiliation from their alma mater: You don't make enough money!

A few years ago the Artful Manager reported about Wisconsin's ploy to get donations from people who were seeking tickets to Badger football games. Their ads were insidiously constructed to suggest that if they made a donation to the school they would receive the option to purchase the coveted tickets. However, people learned that the donations did not gaurantee you would get tickets, and that the donations were non-refundable.

I have now found myself on the Football Alumni listserve where people who played football for Boston College, and have had their tickets for years, are pretty upset about the new stipulations. I don't blame them.

My tickets seem to be out of the danger zone, but I know we would be upset if we suddenly had this massive escalation in cost.

Coming from the Arts universe the idea of donation for gratification is not very foreign, but I the sudden requirement of thousands of dollars can only be viewed as either an insensitive and not very well-thought out could be viewed as an effective way to sweep out the riff-raff. Either way is not very flattering to the organization.

I am not sure that Glaucus had this in mind when he told Diomedes of his life's mission, but Glaucus may have been able to afford the tickets.

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