Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mike Daisey on not New York Theatre

Mike Daisey will be coming to boston at Zero Arrow Street with his new show, Invincible Summer.

In an interview in the Seattle Weekly he talks about the difference between a regional theatre city, like Seattle and compares it to doing theatre in New York.

Daisey says Seattle gave him some hard schooling in self-promotion that's been helpful ever since. "It's so comfortable out here. You've got your favorite coffee shop, and it's next door to your favorite bookstore, and down the block is your favorite independent cinema, or you can go hiking, or just go home to your cozy sofa and your DVDs. In New York, people are used to going out to see theater. The whole time I was in Seattle, I felt like I was always yanking people out of their couches, going, 'Come on! Live theater! Come watch!'"

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