Thursday, February 15, 2007

How Do You Solve a Problem like R. Corrie?

Brendan Kiley looks at the win-win situation at Seattle Rep's choice of having really young up-and-comers direct and put together their production of the infamous My Name Is Rachel Corrie.

Kiley brings up how there is not only a controversey behind the play's production history, but also, (something that is not brought up enough,) the play seems to garner rather tepid, if not poor reviews when it is produced.

Kiley sums up:

The charitable interpretation: Abraham and his team are young hotshots and the Rep is giving them a chance to wrestle with a rich and relevant play. Everybody wins. The Rep gets street cred, the WET artists get a big sandbox to play in, and Rep audiences get the best of both. The uncharitable interpretation: Between the controversy and the possibility of suckage, no veteran director wanted to be involved and the Rep is distancing itself from the production. And if Corrie fails, the Rep can use that as an excuse to refrain from working with young artists again.

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