Friday, February 09, 2007

Blinded By Blondes?

The normally astute Garret Eisler is so busy wretching about the possible runaway success of the new Musical Version of Legally Blonde, (based on the Reese Witherspoon movie,) that he misses the meatiest part of the Riedel article to which he points us.

Considering Garret's recent posts about The Little Dog Laughed, and the economic health of comedy on Broadway versus TV, I would think this part of the article would be of interest:

More problematic is a big courtroom number in which the characters speculate whether a witness is "gay or European."

Some of the older producers think it's hilarious. But younger members of the company say it's old hat ("Seinfeld" covered the terrain a decade ago) and, with lyrics that catalog one stereotype after another, verges on the offensive.

"We've had a lot of gay groups at the show - we're in San Francisco,
surprise!" Luftig says. "And they've actually enjoyed the number. But we're definitely debating it."

Younger cast members seem to be saying, "don't be lame," but the producers are seeing the loyal, traditional audience members enjoying it.

I forgive Garret though, it all sounds a little overwhelming.

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