Thursday, January 11, 2007

Theatre Company Blogs

I have been following the Huntington Theatre Company's blog on and off for a little bit. I have found that it is pretty good for following the details of and linking to the media for a certain production. It runs sort of like an expansion of the "News" tab on websites. It is run by Todd Williams who claims that he is not told what to write, and he has a good feel for what an informational blog should be. And he posts frequently.

I know from my business life that the corporate zeitgeist woefully misunderstands blogs and many will start a blog that quickly reads like it was assigned to somebody at the end of a marketing meeting.

Individual theatre artists have been blogging for a while, and institutions have joined the fray in recent years. Some of these take the form of guest actors blogging about their experiences in town, some of them take the form of many company members contributing to the process, and some can just be clueless as to what a blog is.

Here are some links to local theatre company blogs:

Huntington Theatre Company

Actors Shakespeare Project

American Repertory Theatre

North Shore Music Theatre

Trinity Repertory Company

If people know of anymore please let me know.

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