Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stoic Gets His Comeuppance

For the past three weeks I have been under much pressure trying to close an important contract at my day job. (Finally, it came through!) And, at night, I have been performing in the most original production of Christmas Carol you will see in these parts.

I got a huge cold a few weeks ago, but all of my obligations have just kept me going, and going, and going. But I just couldn't shake the cough and the chills, I felt like absolute crap, and getting up in the morning became a labored, achey chore that seemed to take hours.

I went to the doctor's office hoping that they could give me something to knock out the cold. Well, it took just about one listen of my lungs for my doctor to say, "No wonder you aren't shaking the cold, you have pneumonia."

Chest X-rays confirmed this and I spent the about three days completely wiped out in bed as my body took its revenge on me for having pushed it to the breaking point for weeks.

I notice fellow Bloggers like Terry Teachout are having a hard time shaking colds. My advice is to make sure it isn't something more insidious and get some antibiotics before the holidays.

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