Tuesday, October 10, 2006

We All Get Bad Reviews Now and Then...

But there is really no excuse for this behaviour by at the Cleveland Playhouse:

Artistic Director Michael Bloom, inspired by an unfavorable review Brown had written of the play and his direction, spied Brown in the back row of the theater, hurried down the aisle and ran the critic down in the lobby, where he passionately delivered an intimate and unrestrained critique of the review.

Accounts of the exchange differ. Brown says Bloom gripped his
hand and wouldn't let go, cursed him loudly in a threatening way and then pounded him overly hard on the back as he left.

Bloom, calling the incident "unfortunate," declined to dissect it but described his parting gesture as a "pat" on the back.
What seems uncontested is that the encounter was uncomfortable, unfriendly and -- to Brown at least --
slightly scary.

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Anonymous said...

This incident wasn't the result of one lone bad review, but of a much, much longer-running saga. In the case of Tony Brown vs CPH, it's the cumulative effect of countless sour reviews and plenty of so-called 'tough love' directed at CPH and its artistic direction (predating M. Bloom's era - he only just got there two years ago) by Brown throughout the whole of his stint as Cleveland's primary theatre critic. This kind of thing doesn't just come out of the blue...