Tuesday, October 24, 2006

To See, Or Not To See

I am a Hamlet enthusiast, if not a fanatic. I read the text at least once a year, I try to see as many productions as I can, and I devour criticism about the play.

However, strangely, I have never been much into the textual/authorship debates that occupy the discussion of many other bardoloters. My knowledge of these things is pretty much is confined to the notes and introductions in my Riverside Edition of Shakespeare.

I am torn about attending what looks like a great event tonight. Actor's Shakespeare Project is putting on a panel discussion at the Strand Theatre, which is the site of their current production of Hamlet.

Hamlet Conversations sports some of the fine directors of recent regional productions of Hamlet, and will include the added bonus of moderation by Stephen Greenblatt who is the author of the recent best-seller Will in the World; How Shakespeare became Shakespeare.

As much I would love to attend, this is one of the few nights in this busy theatre season when I can take advantage of a night off to catch up on sleep. I am moving through life the last five days as if I am underwater.

If any Mirror up To Nature readers attend, please let me have a rundown.

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