Friday, September 08, 2006

Different Take on Cyrano Has Different Takes by Critics

Gloucester Stage unveiled its update of Cyrano DeBergerac, Edmond Ronstadt's play about the Master Swordsman of the Gascons who has the soul of a poet and the nose of anteater.

Calvin Berger, a new musical, relocates the story to a modern high school.

Terry Byrne of the Herald enjoyed the hip udate:

Wyner has filled the show with bright, catchy songs that are delightfully hip, with references to Dr. Phil and Scooby-Doo and everyone in between. When Bret tries to give Rosanna confidence by suggesting she think of herself as a white Oprah, we know Wyner’s got his finger on the funnybone. A song devoted to Mr. Potato Head might be considered extraneous if it weren’t so funny as Calvin emotes in front of a mirror and the classic toy.

The Globe's Sandy McDonald filed a checklist of the play's structural and musical weaknesses and, in typical Globe fashion, listed a bunch of shows that are done better. It is hard to really tell from reading, but basically it seems as if she enjoyed the show pretty much as Ms. Byrne did.

The Globe definitely allows for more space, Byrne's review seems very brief, perhaps more a sign of the shrinking of theatre reviews.

And on that note: Can you hear the wind whistling through the empty corridors of the WBUR Arts Pages since Bill Marx's departure?

And where is Mr. Marx? His blog has no more updates.

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