Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Theatre Minima - Education Department

George Hunka has a spirited discussion of a reading list he would arrange if he, "had, for 15 weeks, a seminar room filled with drama-maddened 18-year-olds, or even drama-maddened 48-year-olds, to break the molded mindsets of what theater and drama mean to most people in the early 21st century."

I say...why don't you, George? Hang out a shingle, make a syllabus. 15 Weeks $25.00 a week. $375 for the whole course. Location TBA. Post it around town. Guaranteed you'll get at least a few people who are interested. The cost is less than credited courses, even if people are auditing. 4 Students and you just grossed a over a grand.

Or volunteer to offer it to a high school afterschool program or something.

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George said...

Ah, had I energy enough, and time ...