Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Joel Brown writes at HubArts about getting his press invites to the openings of bobrauschenbergamerica at the ART and Radio Golf at the Huntington Theatre Company.

Problem is: they are both on the same day:

"The relevant publicists and others were quick to point out that they do in fact talk about these things ahead of time - months in some cases - and well, the occasional head-on is inevitable. There are universities and boards with their own needs that must be served, you see. (There are varying versions of
what happened this time around.) Well, fine. But there aren't that many big theater companies in town, and I still don't see how this is good for anyone. And I remember theaters being all sad when they got a stringer instead of the main critic for an opening."

I know that the Lyric Stage started putting their opening nights on Sundays, which seems to make sense with regards to battling it out with the two Regional Anchor theatres and also the latest Broadway imports.

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