Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Does Your Company Value "Creativity!"

Scott Walters talks about creativity on a post today. The intersection of creativity and business unfortunately often ends at the conception of the company as a revenue generating entity.

Fast Company Magazine tried to submarine some of the vangaurd of the corporate coopting of creativity in their article: The Six Myths of Creativity.

"In our diary study, people often thought they were most creative when they were working under severe deadline pressure. But the 12,000 aggregate days that we studied showed just the opposite: People were the least creative when they were fighting the clock. In fact, we found a kind of time-pressure hangover -- when people were working under great pressure, their creativity went down not only on that day but the next two days as well. ....In fact, it's not so much the deadline that's the problem; it's the distractions that rob people of the time to make that creative breakthrough. People can certainly be creative when they're under the gun, but only when they're able to focus on the work."

And I would also point to a study from Melbourne titled, "Dying in the Arts; Creativity as Metaphor." A great quote is as follows:

"The category of creativity legitimately belongs to the arts where it is seen, invariably, as the outcome of processes of imagination, experimentation and (often) failure. It is precisely these definitional aspects of the practice of creativity that make its interpretation in organizational theory so specious. The metaphor of creativity, as it is used within organizational theory, not only disguises its ideological function, it also elides one of the defining characteristics of creativity which is its coexistence with market failure."

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