Monday, June 26, 2006

Regionalitis Revisted

Terry Teachout's column regarding the disrepect for the Regional Theatres is all over the blogosphere today, starting with Playgoer, and continuing right on to Scott Walters.

It should ignite quite a bit of debate. Although Playgoer points to the Guthrie in a later post, I am not so sure that following through to investigate the Guthrie's season makes me any more confident in the regional theatre's ability to save itself.

I was surprised to find The Real Thing and Lost in Yonkers on the slate for the Guthrie. Oh well, regionalitis dies hard.

Teachout points to the New York Arts writers for their insistence on ignoring the regional theatres. On the Huffington Post today, Bill Barol gives a little more insight as to why this might be. Apparently, they are spending their time writing repeatedley about aging rockers.

If yesterday's Arts & Leisure snoozer on Ozzfest felt a little familiar to you, congratulations -- your memory is better than The New York Times's. A little digging in the archives reveals that The Gray Lady has done this story four times in the last ten years:

Iron Man Slows, And So Does The Industry (June 2006)

Rock's Bad Boys Grow Up But Not Old (September 2002)

Grandfatherly Rockers Smooth Out The Wrinkles (February 2002)

Second Acts for Aging Rockers (February 1996)*

I don't know what it is about this story that makes the Times go
all twitchy every 30 months, on average.

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