Thursday, June 29, 2006

Blogroll Additions!

Faithful Mirror up to Nature Readers,

I have, at right, added some theatre blogs which I have long been reading and have long been meaning to add to my list of blogs.

Since these people, known only to me by their postings and occasional comments, have been an inspiration and education for me over the past few years, I have decided to kind of list them out so that you get an idea of who they are:

Theatre Notes: Alison Croggon writes reviews out of Melbourne Australia and comments on theatre there and worldwide

Parabasis: Isaac Butler is a director in New York City and comments mostly on Theatrical Issues, but occasionally veers into politics or popular culture.

Lucas Krech: Lucas is a lighting designer who writes about theatre processes with the same erudition and complexity of George Hunka at Superfluities.

On Theatre and Politics: Matt Freeman is playwright who is currently enjoying acclaim for his play, "The Most Wonderful Love," playing in New York. Matt writes about a wide variety of things. One day, the rehearsal process for his play, the next day about Equity Codes, the next about NSC spying.

Freedom Spice in the New Mash-Up World: Dorothy P'tit Boo is a French ex-pat "Actor, Director and Super Hero Liason" living in Seattle. She writes mostly about theatre there, which is important to all of us, because Seattle is great theatre town.

Theatre Conversation and Political Frustration: MattJ is a director who questions and writes thoughtfully about theatre. Very infrequently writes about politics.

Zay Amsbury: He writes about the process of dramatic writing and theatre with great insight and care.

An Angry White Guy in Chicago: Don R. Hall is a cranky, outspoken director and actor from the Off Loop scene in Chicago. He writes about basically whatever is on his mind. I often forget to read Don for a while and then it is fun to catch up.

To my regular readers, please check out these blogs. I'll keep adding to the blogroll as the 'sphere keeps expanding.

Let's get a few more Boston Based Blogs up now!

Of course there are the bloggers I have spoken about regulary as well.

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