Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Become a Certified Susan Lori Parks Distributor!

George at Superfluities is having the usual weird feelings we playwrights have around the marketing and producing end of the craft.

But George, you should really cast off that trepidation and join the...

Susan Lori Parks investment vehicle!

Yes, Playgoer points us to the Public Theatre's project of presenting 365 plays that Susan Lori Parks (Topdog/Underdog) wrote recently, (one-a- day for a year.) The Public can't produce them all at once, so they trying to recruit theatres to help in the endeavor!

This is best marketing an individual playwright has ever done!

The branding goes as ubiquitous and as deep as the Microsoft Windows/DOS/Desktop revolution.

No theatre without a Susan Lori Parks Play!

Can't you see the commercials?

"And forget Amway, with the Susan Lori Parks System, royalties will just be rolling in! I'm going to try and get in on this as soon as possible?"

After all, the marketing and branding alone that is attached to being a Certified Susan Lori Parks Distributor could reap untold fortunes.
Perhaps we could have an SLP University where theatres could learn exactly how to properly present a Susan Lori Parks project. The tuition could be written off as business expense.

Some Frequently Asked Questions from our users:

"Once I have the SLP module installed, will it be able to interface with my other applications?"

"Will I be able to do joint marketing ventures using the Susan Lori Parks Logo?"

"The play Susan Lori Parks wrote when she had the flu and was dehydrated last December isn't really working for us, can we get a different one?"

Call Today!!!

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