Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Getting the Hang of It...

WBUR's Arts Blog "Atittude" got off to a shakey start with infrequent postings and tentative opinions. But if Thomas Garvey keeps up his posting at the pace he has as of late, WBUR's Arts Blog should become a regular stop for the Boston theatre lover.

Garvey's post today praises local actors and questions the practice of the "Imported Lead." He mentions The Goat at the Lyric as an example of the locals, (Paula Plum and Richard Snee,) outshining the New York imported lead. I was tempted, after seeing The Goat, to write something similar. The lead actor spent the whole play shuffling around in the dazed and absent minded manner which was appropriate for the opening scenes, but proved excrutiating to watch for the entire length. Ms. Plum was giving the New York actor a virtual smorgasbord to work with, but sometimes to no avail.

I held my pen at the time, because I understood that the actor was thrust into a rushed replacement situation, and so it was kind of hard to make any pronouncements.

Really, the big Regionals are the most responsible for the Imported Lead phenomenon. But read the back and forth between Larry Stark and the ART's press person today in the Theatermirror and you will see that sometimes the Regionals can seem woefully out of touch.

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