Thursday, February 09, 2006

What Have You Done With the Real Mayor's Office Rep?

An article today in the Washington Post is pretty much a standing story in the arts news of almost any city. You can read the whole article for the ugly details of the Source Theatre's financial demise. Yikes.

However, I was really interested in a quote from John McGraw, special assistant to Deputy Mayor Stanley Jackson. The city would appear to be doing much to see how they can keep the venue viable and in talking about a solution McGraw says the following:

"It's certainly a vibrant real estate market, and while we definitely want to encourage private investments, we nevertheless want to make certain that we're not losing a small, affordable performance space," McGaw said. "It's in the public interest to determine if there's a viable future for the Source building and the organization as we've known them. Like affordable housing units, once lost it may be lost forever."


I will say it again.


Don't we all wish we had city officials like this. Of course, actions speak louder than words, and it remains to be seen if the Source theatre won't end up a Panera Bread. I don't hold out much hope, but at least statements like this give a glimmer of daylight.

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