Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Critics Keep Your Backbone!


Slate gives a little kick in the ass to Arrested Development on its way out the door.

This is the second critical wrap-up of Arrested Development I have seen where the critic takes a sort of despondent and depressed sour grapes attitude.

Arrested Development was the critics darling until it was apparent that people weren't watching it.

I feel that most critics started to second guess their initial praise, which is not neccessarily a bad thing. However, now it seems that because the show is going away they are trying to convince themselves that,"well, it really wasn't that good anyway."

This essay in Slate wants it both ways:

1. Arrested Development decided to pull out all the stops because they knew their time was over.

2. These last episodes appear to prove that AD has run its course.

What a bizarre analysis.

I was an evangelist for this show from Day one, and I only converted a few people to watching it. The DVD's are the best tool for Arrested Development conversion and with good reason. You see, Arrested Development's true downfall was not that it was too "dada", (as the Slate writer suggestes,) but that it was too hard to pick up on in just one episode.

If critics really want to see more innovative and daring shows, they need to champion quality to the bitter end. In the end Arrested Development was the only live action show on network television that you could turn to for such sharp family, social, business, cultural, and political satire. If most of the viewing public doesn't care about that, at least the critics should.

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