Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Something All Small Theatre Artists Would Love To See

Starting off the New Year, I will point you to a surprisingly honest and very naked and raw admission by critic Adrian Ryan in the The Stranger out of Seattle.

Apparently, haunted by the scathing (really scathing if you read the quotes) review she did of Hyperion Production's Tartuffe in 2000, Ryan feels she must come clean and clarify a horrible review that couldn't have helped the company.
"Today, oh so many moons later, I must admit that I have a much broader perspective as far as theater criticism is concerned. I have seen 12 gagillion tragic Seattle shows in the intervening years, and I realize that I was dreadfully hard on Hyperion Productions in general and Mr. Sebers in particular. Although it may seem a bit grand, I feel that I contributed a nasty shove to Hyperion's fall—and perhaps even to Josh Sebers's, who, I have come to realize, was a darn good actor.
When I think of it now, it makes me want to vomit."

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