Thursday, January 05, 2006

Movies Anyone?

I don't see nearly as many movies as I used to, and compared to my past, (when I could tick off most of the movies on the ten best lists from the nation's critics,) I now look at most of the titles listed in year end wrap up columns and scratch my head.

I will confess my elation to see, Boston Globe film critic Wesley Morris pick Sam Mendes's Jarhead as the Best Film of the year. As far as I can see from the latest rundown at Metacritic Morris is the only critic to list it even in the top ten. I felt that Jarhead got a little bit of a bum rap when it came out, and I found myself disagreeing with other film buff friends whose opinions I usually respect. It was one of the few films I saw last year, but it made a great impact as a flawed, powerful, artistic and challenging film. It was Mendes' swipe at making an actual anti-war anti-war, film.

If you get a chance, I would check it out.

Full disclosure: Part of my fascination is that I am a Gulf War Era Veteran. I did not serve in Desert Storm, (having enlisted during the conflict,) but the incidents, equipment, and vernacular, brought a little wisp of nostalgia.

I actually did see Me and You and Everyone We Know, which appears on a number of ten best lists. My wife and I watched it on On Demand, not really knowing much about it. While initially ambivalent, we did admit in subsequent days after seeing it that it is one of the most surprising movies we had seen in while. However, I am not so sure that is good or bad.

Syriana is like the proverbial onion. It opens up new thoughts and themes with each of the viewings. I have seen it twice now, and I am convinced I will see it again when it comes to video or On Demand.

Thanks for the indulgence of movies on what should be more theatre related posts.

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