Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Will Ed Seigel Be Reviewing Coconut Grove Playhouse Productions?

Mark Jurkowitz's Media Log Column on the Phoenix has a juicy little gossip item about which Boston Globe employees are applying for buyouts.

Take a look at the list:

"But among those confirmed buyout applicants are Travel editor Wendy Fox, pop culture writer Renee Graham, feature writer Jack Thomas, op-ed page editor Nick King, editorial writer Susan Trausch, obit writer Tom Long, theater critic Ed Siegel, business writer Charlie Stein, and music writer Steve Morse."

Emphasis is mine.

What is the theatre page going to look like if Ed Seigel leaves? What is the critical landscape going to look like? If a drama critic takes an early buyout in the middle of a forest and.... well, you know what I am saying.

What will Mr. Seigel do? Will it be Florida or perhaps a some seasons enjoying the festivities at LaJolla Playhouse?. Arizona is nice too.

Though some may cheer, overall it could be another measure in the constant and continuous dirge of death knells for arts journalism. Bill Marx's lamentations of shrinking column space will probably fall on deaf ears, but his latest column (last week) has added prescience with this announcement of Seigel's application for buyout.

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