Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Since When is Slate Commenting on Theatre?!

I was fascinated to see Slate mentioning playwright August Wilson, but their little crap piece which is filled with misleading information and short sighted critique is the perfect example of misguided contrarianism.

For one thing, she talks of Lloyd Richards contributing to Wilson's "bloviating," but then uses "King Hedley II" as an example. Ummmmm, Rachel, Hedley was directed by Marion Mclinton.

She also tries to play up some type of "miltarism" in August Wilson's critical and theatrical life. She calls the Town Hall debate with Robert Brustein "explosive," but anybody who heard it will tell you that, while interesting, the debate was more or less a little bit of a fizzle.

What Slate is missing is the point that August Wilson will be missed because his theatre, when it was good, was so far ahead of anything else that we were seeing. Far from perfect, his plays were far from mediocre as well.

Some indelible theatrical memories of mine come from his plays.

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