Thursday, October 20, 2005

NEW This Week!

I am going to try to start a new feature on my Blog called NEW This Week! Where I list all New Theatre Productions playing this coming weekend in the Boston Area.

By the way, by NEW, I mean NEW. I mean a production or play that is a Premiere with a capital P. A world Premiere. Not a Boston Premiere, or an American Premiere, or a Regional Premiere, or an East Coast Premiere. No, I mean a WORLD Premiere. Now, notice this means that if the play has been produced on Mars or in another solar system then it will be eligible to be listed.

So, this week, here goes:

-Out on the Edge Festival; Theater Offensive (Some of the festival is not premieres I know.)
-The Red Lion: Boston Playwrights Theatre
-Carol Mulroney: Huntington Theatre Company @ The Wimberly
-Gender Bender: Bare Minimum Productions @ The BCA
-Cinderella Rocks: Gold Dust Orphans
-Spring Chicken or When I Flew The Coop: HiJinxs Unlimited

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