Thursday, October 20, 2005

NEW This Week!

I am going to try to start a new feature on my Blog called NEW This Week! Where I list all New Theatre Productions playing this coming weekend in the Boston Area.

By the way, by NEW, I mean NEW. I mean a production or play that is a Premiere with a capital P. A world Premiere. Not a Boston Premiere, or an American Premiere, or a Regional Premiere, or an East Coast Premiere. No, I mean a WORLD Premiere. Now, notice this means that if the play has been produced on Mars or in another solar system then it will be eligible to be listed.

So, this week, here goes:

-Out on the Edge Festival; Theater Offensive (Some of the festival is not premieres I know.)
-The Red Lion: Boston Playwrights Theatre
-Carol Mulroney: Huntington Theatre Company @ The Wimberly
-Gender Bender: Bare Minimum Productions @ The BCA
-Cinderella Rocks: Gold Dust Orphans
-Spring Chicken or When I Flew The Coop: HiJinxs Unlimited
Too Much to Keep Up With

The Theatre Blogosphere is flying with ideas about Audiences, New Play Development, Marketing, etc.

This post was intended to be an organization of links so that people could follow the crossblog discussions, but I gave up somewhere along the way. Bloggers like Matt Freeman, SpearBearer, Isaac Butler and George Hunka are linking, creating posts and even writing responses in comments sections of each others blogs so that it has become a little difficult to keep track of the very interesting conversation.

In this way the Theatre Blogosphere has a attained a salon type atmosphere, but I am thinking that Blogs are not an effective medium for this. In fact, a good ole' fashioned discussion group with a thread would do just fine.

I will admit that the discussion seems to be getting a bit too "meta" and the danger of a discussion becoming too meta is that somebody will come in quash the fun and creativity by stating that "nothing is getting done."

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Since When is Slate Commenting on Theatre?!

I was fascinated to see Slate mentioning playwright August Wilson, but their little crap piece which is filled with misleading information and short sighted critique is the perfect example of misguided contrarianism.

For one thing, she talks of Lloyd Richards contributing to Wilson's "bloviating," but then uses "King Hedley II" as an example. Ummmmm, Rachel, Hedley was directed by Marion Mclinton.

She also tries to play up some type of "miltarism" in August Wilson's critical and theatrical life. She calls the Town Hall debate with Robert Brustein "explosive," but anybody who heard it will tell you that, while interesting, the debate was more or less a little bit of a fizzle.

What Slate is missing is the point that August Wilson will be missed because his theatre, when it was good, was so far ahead of anything else that we were seeing. Far from perfect, his plays were far from mediocre as well.

Some indelible theatrical memories of mine come from his plays.