Saturday, July 02, 2005

Independence Day

Heading up to the mountains and the lakes of New Hampshire this weekend!

I am getting a big relief from the stresses of the day job. Landed two contract extension deals which were down to the wire, but it always feels good to get sales closed before a long weekend.

Everything is good though because my wife and I got to relax last night to the great sounds of Maeve live, right at Club Passim around the corner. There is nothing like hearing "In Every Moment" live, or hearing their acoustic "Too Many Troubles."

You don't know who Maeve is? There website informs Maeve is Rollyn, Courtney, and Rachel. They were all great singers on their own, but then they got together and they sound great!

If you want some weekend reading here are articles that are buzzing about the blogoshpere:

Bryan Curtis at Slate tries to reem the idea of Shakespeare in the Park, but ends up proving he doesn't understand much about Shakespeare.

The Guardian talks about a movement called "Monsterism," which claims to be a doctrine to get playwrights to think bigger and better. I think it will probably prove to be only useful in making the first few practitioners of it famous enough to get regular work before they abandon the church they started. Think Dogma 95.

Their Manifesto for the most part lacks vision or creativity, most of it is a rehash of things one would learn from The Art of Playwrighting by Largos Egri.

Jose Rivera wrote a much more daring and inspiring credo for playwrighting in American Theatre a few years back.

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