Thursday, February 24, 2005

PS 122 Reassesses

Backstage has an article on the new Director of PS 122. The article and, it seems, PS 122 are asking some tought questions...

"Still, on the occasion of P.S. 122's 25th anniversary, the board has addressed the question of the organization's future. Is there any reason to continue? What distinguishes the institution from, say, cultural centers such as HERE, the Kitchen, and Dixon Place, all of which exist to help the emerging theatre and/or visual artist."

They have brought in a 30 year old Vallejo Gartner to address some of these issues. Gartner is stressing internationalism as one of the important ingredients in reinvigorating the avante-garde movement.

Charles Dennis(One of the founders of PS 122)..."acknowledges that Gantner brings an 'international flair' to the table: 'But I'm concerned that art in America has become an endangered species. Vallejo may not be in touch with the problems emerging artists are facing in this country. I'm concerned that his emphasis may be more on the international talent as opposed to local talent. I believe his challenge has to be nurturing the local artist and reaching out at a time when audiences are drawing away. It's not just economics and politics. It's technology that draws people away from performance.'

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