Wednesday, February 23, 2005

But I’ll Bet the Tickets are Still Full Price…

Last year, Newsday Critic Linda Winer said of the now accepted practice of Broadway shows hocking preview performances at full price, "I don’t think people should pay full price to watch practice."

Today the Chicago Sun-Times posted a short article about the Pre-Broadway tryout of Sweet Charity which will be coming to Boston in March.

The terminology in the article is a little strange if you think about it too much, which is what bloggers usually do…

"The official opening of "Sweet Charity," the Broadway-bound revival starring Christina Applegate and Denis O'Hare, has been postponed. The musical still plans to begin previews Thursday at the Cadillac Palace Theatre.."

But isn’t the whole run really a "preview?" In fact, the "official opening," won’t be until New York. Indeed, in the last paragraph the show’s press representative is quoted as saying,, "there are several major changes being made in terms of content and visuals. And these will not be the last changes to be made before the show opens in New York on April 21."

However, she does assure us that "There are no cast changes…" So we can be sure that at least people aren’t doing so badly that they need to be replaced. Whew!

(Side note: I wouldn’t mind seeing if Christina Applegate can pull this off, she is the one consistently wonderful comedic performer in a number of really, really bad comedy movies of the last few years.)

I saw Kathleen Turner and Bill Irwin in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, at the Wilbur and while I did think it was a great night at the theatre, there were definitely rough spots during the performance that I am sure will be ironed out before it bows in New York. However, just like poor customer service, the idea of full priced previews, or "practice," is now commonplace. So for full price we get to see the rough spots.

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