Monday, January 17, 2005

Plugging Favorites Hits Critical Mass?

Ed Siegel Likes the ART So Much That the Globe Forgets Which Theatre is Producing the Play.

Will Lebow owns the current Huntington production of The Rivals at the Huntington, and anybody who disagrees is free to post their disagreement on the Mirror. However, Globe critic Ed Siegel, once again can't resist his ART plugging as he opens and closes his review last Friday with subliminal ads for the American Repertory Theatre.

Witness the first paragraph:

"American Repertory Theatre audiences have known for decades that the presence of Will LeBow in the cast almost automatically means that the artistic level will be pretty high, at least when he's on stage."

And the Last:

"LeBow goes back to Cambridge for Christopher Marlowe's "Dido, Queen of Carthage" at ART in March. After "The Rivals," you might be convinced he could just walk across the Charles."

I have written before about this habitual plugging which is not reciprocal, but on Friday it actually went further than I think Mr. Seigel and the Globe intended, when the front page of the Globe's Weekend Section proclaimed, "Will Lebow is Stellar in ART Production." Followed by the page number on which to find the review.

Apparently, the person who was putting the sections together took a quick skim of The Rivals review and decided it was an America Repertory Theatre production.

Has anybody seen a retraction or correction for this?

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