Sunday, November 14, 2004

Thomas Garvey Does It Again!

Garvey was the critic I brought up when he snuck in the "nice white liberal" line into his otherwise dead-on Joe Turner Review.

This time he put in a strange little comment once again into his Well of the Saints review. Apparently, by getting too much into the spirit of Synge's reputation of contempt for the poor Irish Folk, Garvey has this to say at the end of his review:

The Sugan, in effect, is at a crossroads. As other small companies make the jump to larger stages (such as SpeakEasy, which appeals to both straight and gay audiences), the Sugan seems stuck in its Gaelic ghetto, with no clear sense of how to extend its mission. Certainly the company has had small-scale triumphs, but if it can't stretch as far as Synge, how can it hope to reach the wider audience its material deserves?

"Gaelic ghetto"? The Sugan is not only providing a crucial mission to the Boston theatre scene, but they are also practicing sound business sense at the same time. The Sugan has a niche market sewed up nicely, and it is a little unfair to be comparing the Sugan's production to the Abbey's Playboy, (although I was not all that impressed with Abbey at all.)

Short Column space should not be an excuse for potshots without significant elaboration.

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