Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sonia Flew Reviews are all in...

Carolyn Clay weighed in on Sonia in today's Phoenix. She was delighted and has not a bad word to say. Her conclusion:

Still, this second act brings more than just the backstory. There is also, at last, the opportunity to pry open that window to the past. Slipping through it with sorrow and grace, Sonia flies. And so does Melinda Lopez.

I would say that most all critics treated Sonia Flew with grace and care, In fact, it may have been treated too softly. I loved about 96% of Sonia Flew. My own, personal opinion was that the ending of the play subverted much of the fantastic groundwork Lopez laid during the first two hours. (I'll go into more of my feelings once the run is over.)

Otherwise, the play is thoughtful and deftly structured, with even the concept of actors doubling for the roles helping to layer meaning. Really the only thing I could say is to second Will Stackman's notion in his review:

In "Sonia Flew", for once a newly developed script doesn't need pruning or rewritten scenes, but perhaps only a bit more detail, a slight loosening here and there. The force of the action would not be diminished by taking just a bit more time, which could be well spent contemplating this drama.

Agreed. Some of the isolated monologues for Sonia are incredibly awkward. She turns quickly to the audience, right in the middle of a scene, to talk about...Snow? More breathing room could integrate these passages more smoothly. I sensed that even the actress seemed a bit uncomfortable with the transitions. And there are some transitions of emotion that happen far too quickly. In certain spots people fly off the handle or make pronouncements that really should have some time to build.

The Wimberly is fantastic. I sat in the Mezzanine and, (Thank You God,) the seats are designed with enough room for ex-linemen like myself. I set out to the production wanting to write a little post about the experience of coming after a day's work into the city and trying to find parking, etc. However, I was lucky enough to pull up and find a metered spot right on Tremont!

It was sad to see the Leland Center all dark though. Ahhh memories, (good and bad.)

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