Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Shakespeare Hitting the Conservative Mainstream!...
Oh...wait a minute...

It's not often that Drudge links to something truly cultural, but he did have a link to this Sun Article under the heading "Billy Bob Thornton: Shakespeare is Bulls**t."

All right, all right. I'll admit I am a fan of Bill Bob's understated acting turns and I still think Slingblade will survive the test of time as a great movie. So perhaps I clicked through thinking that maybe Billy Bob had an actual thesis.

However, I think I may have been seduced by the ever popular notion that intelligent actors are always well-read and culturally literate individuals.

Billy Bob really does apparently think Shakespeare is...well... bulls**t. And he goes on about it for a little bit. Here is just one of the choice passages:

“It’s not that I don’t understand it. But people think if you speak with an
English accent it somehow makes you smarter...I don’t believe in all the flowery language — all of his plays are just a series of soap operas."

No, ....ah...actually ,Mr. Thornton, I think you don't understand it. Perhaps the English accent thing is just a subtext of jealousy since
Angelina Jolie has had so much success as Lara Croft.

Why would Drudge link to it? Maybe if you close your eyes you
could see the President saying just such a thing.

It's settled, let us have a Town Hall type debate between Harold
and Billy Bob to settle this Shakespeare thing once and for all.

It should be a saucy event, since both debaters have sordid
histories with younger females. Billy Bob's tempestuous liason with Angelina Jolie is well documented on E! Entertainment, almost nightly. However, Bloom's alleged sexual advances toward Naomi Wolf, the bombshell of the 90's-cool-to-feminist-movement, remains largely unmined for both literary and news potential.

Like Billy Bob said, "it's like a soap opera."

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